How to Disinfect Floors with Prevail Concentrate

  1. Dilute the Concentrate
    Using a dilution system, pump, or measuring cup, dilute Prevail Concentrate to a 1:40 dilution ratio (25 mL/1L), into a mop bucket.
  2. Pre-clean Heavily Soiled Areas
    Remove visible soils/urine and pre-clean the surfaces if required, by working from the least contaminated area to the most contaminated area.
  3. Mop the diluted solution
    Insert the mop into the solution and ensure the mop head is saturated. Mop the floor using a figure-8 pattern, until the area is evenly covered. The entire surface area should appear visibly wet.
  4. Allow surface to remain wet for 5 minutes
    Then simply leave to air dry. Allowing surfaces to remain wet for 5 minutes kills viruses, bacteria and fungi per label instructions.
  5. Rinse/Water Mopping (Periodic)
    A regular rinse or mopping step with clean water periodically is recommended after the contact time, to remove any built-up detergent residue. Keeping the floors appearing clean and streak-free.


Fresh Solution
The mop bucket solution should be disposed of daily or earlier, if visible contamination is apparent, to ensure efficacy.

Routine Rinse
There are detergents in the solution which provide exceptional cleaning efficacy; however, these residues can remain on the surface over time, like common soap deposits.
To prevent any stickiness, a simple rinse or water mop step will remove this residue.

Compatibility Confirmation*
Remember to conduct a compatibility spot test on your floor, before proceeding with a full

Dilution Done Right
Use a dilution system, measuring cup or pump to dilute the concentrate.
Achieving an accurate dilution is important to ensure the solution is effective and not too
strong, leading to excess detergent build-up.

*Always follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the flooring and floor coatings for cleaning and disinfecting these materials.

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