Workplace/Bottle Labels

These extra labels are designed for labeling any secondary containers you use to store Prevail Ready-To-Use or Concentrate solution, such as spray bottles.

The labels help you and your staff identify the solution in the bottle to ensure you meet workplace health and safety standards. To keep track of the solution’s shelf life, simply write the dates and other information on the spaces provided on the label.

Labels are available in 2 ways:

1. Print Your Own Labels

You can print your own workplace label with these downloadable PDFs:

**Note** This label is only for Prevail RTU products with DIN 02537222. For Prevail RTU products with DIN 02436795 please use this label.

2. Available through your distributor

Prevail workplace labels (available in a pack of 10) are available through your preferred Authorized Distributor.

Please contact them if you would like to place an order.

Prevail™ Concentrate Workplace Label

Prevail™ RTU Liquid Workplace Label

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